Sustainability Plans

As a well-established organization serving a population constantly in need, we try our best to be financially sustainable. Only 20% of our annual budget is covered through annual donations. We need to secure the rest of our budget and thus we started some income generating projects as explained below.

  • Monthly fees are collected from the beneficiaries, however, some of them are unable to pay.
  • We started to invest in flower planting. We train our beneficiaries to plant flowers and we sell the plants to the community.
  • We have 23 olive trees planted in the backyard garden. We harvest the olive trees and sell the olive oil produced.
  • Hydroponic planting of vegetables project. Every Monday of each week, we sell the vegetables that we produce to the community and we help our beneficiaries connect and interact with the society.
  • We have a hall that we make available for rent. This hall can be rented for children’s birthday parties and small ceremonies.
  • We also have an outdoor gym with 14 machines available that can also be used when the hall is rented.
  • We have two kitchen areas. One kitchen is used to prepare daily simple meals for the beneficiaries to teach them how to prepare food. Every day, we gather and eat together at 11 a.m. The other kitchen area is located on the second floor of our building. We employed two ladies to work in this kitchen. We started this initiative in 2020 after the breakdown of the Covid 19 pandemic. We produce pastries, oriental Palestinian sweets, homemade meals, pickled olives and different kinds of jam in addition to seasonal sweets and meals.